Dr. Jason R. Lewis, D.C.
Animal Chiropractor


I am NOT a Veterinarian.  I AM a Chiropractor.  In no way are my services intended to replace your veterinarians advice and care.  I do work with you and your Vet in order to help your animal reach their full potential.  My services are intended to treat joint motion fixation, (Subluxation), in order to improve the relationship between the Neuro/Musculo/Skeletal/Physiologic (Nerve, Muscle, Bone, and Organ) systems to increase performance, vitality, and overall health. 

Chiropractic Exams: History, Assess biomechanics of joints through motion palpation, gait analysis, Neuro evaluation, review supplied information, consult with Veterinarian.   

Chiropractic Adjustment: Restores proper motion to effected joint, both spinal and extremity. 

Cold Laser Therapy: Light wave therapy to reduce spasm, swelling, and speed up healing process.

Soft Tissue Work: Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Specific Region Massage, Stretching

Saddle Fit Consultation: To be sure the saddle fits your horse, not just your butt

Educational Seminars: If you have a group interested in an Animal Chiropractic topic I will gladly speak to them    

Dr. Lewis with hIs off the track Thoroughbred "Conrad" (RIP 2012, my friend) adopted from ReRun Inc 

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